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Hello World!

One of the fun parts of being an independent developer is you have to make your own website, communication campaign, network, marketing, recruitment, coding, designing, publishing, accounting, dish washing, laundry, house cleaning, and so on.
And if you are lucky enough to have few minutes left, you can enjoy a bit of sleep.

I Love It

It’s great to go through all those stuff by yourself. You keep a hand on everything, and you learn about every single parts of the business. But it takes times. Love takes time. Love is a slow process that requires attention and triggers passion. Love is …. ahem sorry

Yes, but

One of the fundamentals of leading a successful business is to know how to surround yourself with specialists. You’ll save lots of time, you’ll make better quality stuff, and you’ll learn from them. Game development is not an exception to this rule.

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Bottom line is

When you start indie dev you often cannot throw any cash into it, so you’re on your own for now.

Be curious, take your time to discover and to learn, accept that you can make mistakes, and be realistic on the scale of what you can make.

Don’t aim too high for your first game until you can recruit people to work with you. Take your time for each detail of what needs to be done, because what you learn today will your assets tomorrow. Be realistic about the scale of the games you’ll be making, because it’s much better to publish a polished small project than to be frustrated over a game you would never complete.

And above all: have fun.


(Image credit to Bill Bradford under CC BY 2.0 license)

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