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[Tutorial] Learn C++ in Unreal Engine 4 by making a powerful camera

Learning game development in Unreal Engine could be a daunting task for someone who don’t know where to start, and a cumbersome process if you don’t organize your progression correctly.

One thing commonly known by experienced developers and by people unfamiliar with coding: mastering a development language is a long and difficult task.

From blueprints to C++ in Unreal Engine

If you want to learn fast, you need a good learning strategy. Unreal Engine contains a very powerful tool which you can use to learn C++ faster: its blueprint system. Blueprints are extremely easy to learn (and you may already have a good knowledge of them). Thus you can conveniently use them as a guide for writing code in C++. This is the reason why this tutorial series is written based on the idea to make a transition from Unreal Engine blueprints to C++.

Learn and practice C++

Following this tutorial, you’ll acquire new concepts of C++ programming in every chapter. Then following chapters will give you reasons to reuse and practice those same concepts. There’s no better way to wire you brain.

Focus on development good practices

Learning C++ in Unreal Engine is the perfect occasion to follow programming good practices right from the start. A good developer does not merely type code, a good developer can altogether speak a programming language:

  • Avoid development pitfalls.
  • Design modular and reusable code.
  • Anticipate future evolution.
  • Use the full power of object orienting programming (OOP) by following its good practices.
  • Use constant naming convention.
  • Name classes, functions and variables unambiguously.
  • Keep classes thin and clean, and functions purposed for single tasks.

Making a powerful camera in Unreal Engine

Nearly all games need a camera. In this tutorial you are going to create a powerful and reusable camera for Unreal Engine 4 in C++. Powerful equals full of features. Reusable means you can adapt it to different projects just by tweaking few properties in the Unreal Editor.

Tutorial chapters

The tutorial redaction is currently in progress, and the chapter list bellow will be updated accordingly. I plan to publish one chapter per week.

  • Making a basic C++ class: create your first C++ class, add a component and load an asset.
  • Add components: add and configure more components, “expose” them to the Unreal Editor.
  • Class parameter: the bases of making the C++ class reusable.
  • Next chapter will be about binding inputs, movement speed, zooming, traveling to coordinates, following an object, fading effect, shaking effect, and much more. Stay tuned!
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You can help

Please do send me as much feedback as you want. I’ll be considering every constructive remarks and taking them into consideration. Your feedback will help me to improve and update the existing chapters and to make the next one better. You can reach me by commenting at the bottom of the pages, or on my social networks. It will be mostly appreciated!

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